The public call for 2014 Christmas Stories!

November 3rd, 2014

Each of the last three years I have asked a number of friends, musicians, comedians and others that I admired to record their definition of an original “Christmas story” to be interspersed throughout my 25-Hour Holiday Radio Show on 103.3 fm WPRB.

Come December 24, 2014 – the 26th annual edition of this marathon program will begin.

In 2011-2013, Mac McCaughan (Superchunk), Glenn Mercer (The Feelies), Tom Scharpling (“The Best Show on WFMU”), director Lance Bangs, Screaming Females, Chris Brokaw, Jennifer O’Connor, Peter Prescott (Mission of Burma/Volcano Suns/Minibeast), Rick Rizzo (Eleventh Dream Day), David Hill (“Snap Judgement”, “This American Life”), Sadie Dupuis (Speedy Ortiz), Jon Daly (“Kroll Show”, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”), Nick Thorburn (Islands), Doug Gillard, Rebecca Clay Cole (Wild Flag), Bill Goffrier (The Embarrassment/Big Dipper), Joel R.L. Phelps (Silkworm/The Downer Trio), Seth Herzog (“The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”), Boston Red Sox organist Josh Kantor, actor Ethan Sandler (“Crossing Jordan”) and many other remarkable folks have recorded pieces for the marathon.

2013’s recordings can be heard here. 2012 stories can be streamed here and 2011 contributions reside here.

The time has come to build on this success with ample advance warning!

I’m not only going to be reaching out to more folks personally to join the ranks with works for the marathon’s 2014 installment but I also wanted to extend the offer TO YOU.

Record something between now and December 20th and there’s a solid chance it will make it into the show. It can be a reading of a favorite Xmas story, a cover of a holiday song you love or an original piece. I leave that in your hands.

Listen to some of the past works as inspiration if you’ve been stumped when I’ve called on you in prior years.

It would be great if these contributions did not exceed seven minutes but if you run long…I am likely going to allow it.

I’d love to get so many recordings that I can again debut one of these an hour throughout the marathon.

Submissions can be sent to this email address.

Please spread the word and have a happy holiday season once that whole deal begins in ernest. This feels weird to say with a Halloween pumpkin still on my front porch, but the sentiment is real.


Jon Solomon
103.3 fm WPRB

Live performance #235 – Amanda X.

October 29th, 2014

Engineered 10/28/14.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Amanda X web site

Paranoia/Nothing Wild/Things Fall Apart/Parsnip/Out Of Her Space/Juniper/Guatemala

10/29/14 : 19:00 – 22:00 pm ET

October 29th, 2014

The Rub – The Death Of Pop – Bikini Gospel

The Cats – New Beneficiaries/Philadelphia Belongs To Me – Relax On Everyone – Local. – [N]
Trouble Funk – Let’s Get Small – Go Go Crankin’ – [C]
Mark McGuire – The Instinct – Along The Way – [N]
Eleventh Dream Day – Bearish On High – Ursa Major
Fugazi – Merchandise – First Demo – Forthcoming!
Devendra Banhart – Losing My Taste For The Night Life – Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell – Two discs of covers, most of which are total bummers. – [N] – [C]
Bullet Lavolta – Off Kilter – The Gift

Saint Vitus – Burial At Sea – S/T
The Mountain Goats – Original Air-Blue Gown – Full Force Galesburg – As covered on the new album by The Gary.
Eric B. & Rakim – Follow The Leader (dub) – 45
Ghostt Bllonde – Dissonace – Split 45 with Pilgrims – [N]
The Sadies – Another Day Again – Darker Circles
Scott Walker & Sunn O))) – Bull – Soused – [N]
The Dicks – Hate The Police – 45 – Out-take.

Amanda X – 23:07 – Live on WPRB –

Knights Templar – I Really Don’t Care – Perpetual Gutter
Jane Weaver – Argent – The Silver Globe
Slug Guts – Dealin In The Dark – 5 Years Of Bedroom Suck Records – [C]
Early Clover & The Georgia Soul Drifters – Think It Over – 45
Thurston Moore – The Best Day – The Best Day – Guitars sound like Jonathan Kane!
Chris Weisman – I Took It Off A Record – LAMC #14 – Split single with Speedy Ortiz.
Wartgore Hellsnicker – Karl vs. Groucho – Five Long Years – [C]

Dead Trend – Avoidance – False Positive – [N]
These Estates – Consider It All – Triumph, Reign
Jennifer O’Connor – When I Grow Up – .mp3
White Fence – Nero (Has A Lot To Think About) – LAMC #12
The Pawners’ Society – Old Enough – .mp3
Human Adult Band – Monster Mash – Lo-Fi Haunts – HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
The Aislers Set – Been Hiding – The Last Match

Wounded Lion – Relaxation Is My Specialty – IVXLCDM
Aaron Dilloway & Kevin Drumm – KD (excerpt) – I Drink Your Skin

Live performance #234 – The Bad Doctors.

October 22nd, 2014

Engineered 9/23/14.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Bad Doctors web site

In Time Of Plague/Twilight Of The Idols/Prism, Mirror, Lens/Departure (Letter By Letter)/Too Much With Us/AC/Red Shift

10/22/14 : 19:00 – 22:00 pm ET

October 22nd, 2014

The Rub – The Death Of Pop – Bikini Gospel

Useless Eaters – Whip – Bleeding Moon – [N]
Flowers – Confessions – 45
Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band – The Ballad Of Freer Hollow – Intensity Ghost – [N]
Pretty & Nice – New Czar – Golden Rules For Golden People
Laetitia Sadier – Quantum Soup – Something Shines – [N]
Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Downtown – Any Port In A Storm
Bad Daddies – You Ain’t Right – 45 – [N]

Sludgeworth – You & I – 45
The Budos Band – The Sticks – Burnt Offering – [N]
Eggs – The Government Administrator – 45
Mecca Normal – Wasn’t Said – Empathy For The Evil – [N]
Emperor Penguin – E.D.G.A.R. – 45
Joan Shelley – Something Small – Electric Ursa – [N]
Puff Pieces – Psychological Test – 7″

The Bad Doctors – 27:18 – Live on WPRB –

Shellac – Dude Incredible – Dude Incredible – [N]
Shock Diamond – Our Bikes Are Silver, Her Bed Is Hers – DC Re:MIXtape – S PRCSS, reworked.
The Chills – Rollin’ Moon – The Peel Sessions – Recorded 11/12/85.
Shakespeare & The Last Empire – My Old Jams Still Slam – The World Takes – [C]
ALTO! – Piece 9 – S/T
Cayetana – Miss Thing – Shaking Through Volume 5 – [C]
Loose Grip – Country Cop – 5 Years Of Bedroom Suck Records – [C]

Volcano Suns – Blue Rib – 45
Steve Gunn – Fiction – Way Out Weather – [N]
The Law – Reason For Treason – King Sized Cigarette Plus Three Other Big Hits!
Midnight Plus One – White Flowers – 45 – [N]
Chino Horde – Merit – 45
Crow Bait – Gran-Saloon – Sliding Through The Halls Of Fate – [N]
Olivelawn – Heard It On The X – Sophomore Jinx! – ZZ Top cover. – [R]

Stiff Little Fingers – Bloody Sunday – 45
Mavis Gary – Dim The Droog – Temporary: Selections From Dunedin’s Pop Underground – [N] – [C]
Egg Hunt – We All Fall Down – 45

Live performance #233 – Dama/Libra.

October 15th, 2014

Engineered 8/24/14.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Dama/Libra web site

10/15/14 : 19:00 – 22:00 pm ET

October 15th, 2014

The Rub – The Death Of Pop – Bikini Gospel

The Gotobeds – Ipso Facto (It’s All Happening) – 45
Dangerous Birds – Emergency – Laughing At The Ground – [C]
Goat – Gathering Of Ancient Tribes – Commune – [N]
Begin By Gathering Supplies – Allow Me To Introduce My Mistress – New Horizons In Cunnilingus: A Roundtable Discussion
Purling Hiss – Where’s Sweetboy – Weirdon – [N]
Richard Buckner – Beautiful Question – Surrounded
Priests – New – Bodies + Control + Money + Power – [N]

Haskels – Takin’ The City By Storm – Bloodstains Across The Midwest – [C]
Kahoots – Runaway – Take To The Fields – [N]
ManChildATX – Fall Fan – My Mouse Finger Is Insured For $10 Million
New York Endless – Benefits Arrive (And Life Goes On) – Strategies – [N]
Dennis Callaci & Simon Joyner – Old Man In The Rain – New Secrets
Killdozer – Nasty – Yow! – Janet Jackson cover.
White Reaper – Conspirator – S/T – [N]

Dama/Libra – 38:08 – Live on WPRB –

Double Dagger – We Are The Ones – More
Screaming Females – Wishing Well – 45
The Forms – Icarus (The Flight Of The Avenging Angel) – Icarus Remixes – Remixed by Nihiti.
Brother JT – Direct Out – Lo Bias Hi Noise
A Winged Victory For The Sullen – Atomos X – Atomos – [N]
Speedy Ortiz – Doomsday – LAMC #14 – Split single with Chris Weisman.
Burnout – Lounge – 45

The Bad Doctors – In Time Of Plague – Burning City – Live on next week’s show!
The Pop Group – Trap – We Are Time – Reissue. – [N]
Baton Rouge – Cours Tolsto – Totem
Ipps – Never Sleep – Everything Is Real – [N]
Six Acre Lake – It Probably Wasn’t Such A Good Idea To Punch That Guy In The Neck – Highest Of Horses

10/8/14 : 19:00 – 22:00 pm ET

October 8th, 2014

2014 Membership Drive!!!

Jennifer O’Connor – The Death Of Pop – Live on WPRB –!!!

The Gotobeds – New York’s Alright (radio edit) – Poor People Are Revolting
Wugazi – Another Chessboxin’ Argument – 13 Chambers
Kinski – Hot Stenographer – Alpine Static
Superchunk – FOH – I Hate Music

Minutes – Peacetime – S/T
Dangerdoom – The Mask – The Mouse & The Mask – Lex – Featuring Ghostface.
Jennifer O’Connor – Where Is Your Heart – Where Is Your Heart
Shipping News – The Delicate – One Less Heartless To Fear

Flesh Lights – Free Yourself – Free Yourself – Forthcoming.
Killer Mike – Go! – R.A.P. Music
The Corin Tucker Band – Doubt – 1,000 Years
Shellac – All The Surveyors – Dude Incredible

Mission Of Burma – That’s How I Escaped My Certain Fate – Vs.
Handsome Boy Modeling School – Bear Witness – So…How’s Your Girl?
The Clean – Tally Ho – Anthology
Black Flag – My War – My War – [R]

OBN IIIs – Worries – Third Time To Harm – [N]
Public Enemy – Bring The Noise (No Noise Version) – 12″
The Grifters – Cinnamon – Crappin’ You Negative
Geronimo! – 1000 Realities – Cheap Trick – [N]

Torche – Healer – Meanderthal
Boogie Down Productions – My Philosophy – By All Means Necessary
Electrelane – The Greater Times – No Shouts No Calls
Moving Targets – The Other Side – Burning In Water

Crime – Hot Wire My Heart – 45
Ex Hex – Everywhere – Rips – [N]
Jilted John – Jilted John – 45
The Feelies – Away – Only Life

Japandroids – Adrenaline Nightshift – Celebration Rock – [R]
Eric B. & Rakim – I Ain’t No Joke – Paid In Full
My Dad Is Dead – Nothing Special – Shine – [R]
Karl Hendricks Trio – Checking You Out – 45

Screaming Females – Bell – Power Move
Little “Butchie” Saunders & His Buddies – I Wanna Holler – 45
Obits – One Cross Apiece – 45

2014 WPRB Membership Drive show: HITS

October 2nd, 2014

103.3 fm WPRB’s 2014 Membership Drive kicks off Monday. My lone show of this year’s week-long drive will be on Wednesday, October 8 from 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm ET.

Mark your calendar.


You can also find me joining Chester with Totally Wired on Thursday night from 9:00 pm ET – 11:00 pm ET.

WPRB can’t remain “community supported independent radio” without support from the community.

This is the one time of year that WPRB calls upon its listeners to show financial support to keep the station independent, innovative, commercial-free and competitive in a crowded digital world.

If you’ve given in years past, I am sure I can count on you again.

I’d especially love to hear from those of you who haven’t pledged previously and get you to join the WPRB family for the first time.

Last year I came up short of my goal of 100 pledges in three hours.

If we work together, that goal can be accomplished in 2014.

This year’s theme for my program pays tribute to HITS, my definition (and yours) of catchy, infectious anthems across many genres that will get you on your feet. I’m going to exhilarate and exhaust you for the entire show. Promise.

Please let me know if you have requests and I’ll do by best to honor them. What says HITS to you?

I’ll have ridiculous prize packages to give away each hour for those who contribute $45 or more. You’ll get solid odds to walk away with a box of records from the likes of Dark Entries, Last Laugh, Siltbreeze, Taang!, Castle Face and other labels you hear frequently on the station’s airwaves during my show, not to mention a pair of tickets to see The Grifters’ reunion show in New York City as part of an amazing grand prize package.

That’s on top of the incredible WPRB-branded stickers, shirts, flask (flask?), backpack (backpack?!) and other “thank you” gifts available starting at a $15 donation level.


Thank you in advance for your support of WPRB’s unique freeform programming during this year’s drive. You can pledge on-line here or by calling 609-258-1033.

Pledging during my show sends a strong message that my program matters to you, but pledging at some point during the drive is really the most important thing.

Thank you!

Let’s do this!

Jon Solomon

Live performance #232 – Literature.

October 1st, 2014

Engineered 9/16/14.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Literature web site

The English Softhearts / Tie Die (Your Life) / Grifted / Dance Shoes / Portable Head / Jimmy / The Girl, The Gold Watch & Everything