Supplemental Reading.

Here’s this week’s links/videos/items of interest based on topics discussed during last night’s radio show.

I hope you’ll read this Low Times piece I wrote about fake band Klean Cut Kids from a 1987 “21 Jump Street” episode.

RIP Cynthia Dall.

Download the soundtrack for the Doctor Who 8-bit game pictured above.

While you’re at it, here is a record from Bone & Bell and a few free songs by Noise & Light.

The entire unreleased album from The Mark can be found here.

Prowler offer both a new original and a digital single consisting of Inxs and Stooges covers.

A full Coffin Pricks live session.

RIP Dictators drummer Richie Teeter.

Performing live on next week’s show, Latest Flame recording artist Nervous Curtains.

Finally, here’s the Worriers track I played and a Lightning Bolt practice space jam.

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