"Local Support" podcast episode 011

“Local Support” eleven. The hits just keep on coming. New episodes of “Local Support” come your way every two weeks and this program is free to download. Subscribe here. This program is brought to you by Philadelphia City Paper.

Brown Recluse Sings – “Margo, Left In Bed” – Black Sunday
Persona – “Nothing Changes” – Hard-Work For Hang-Ups
Bear Is Driving – “All The Truth” – Danger! Danger! (C)
Bob Marshall & A.C.’s – “Funky Fox” – The Philly Sound Get Down (C)
The War On Drugs – “Barrel Of Batteries” – Barrel Of Batteries

Johnny Casino’s Easy Action – “Treatin’ Me Kind” – We’ve Forgotten More Than You’ll Ever Know
The Wayward Wind – “Autumn” – Drenched & Drained
The Failed Alliance – “Simple Impulse” – The No Sound Of Philadelphia
The Fence Bells – “All Around This Town” – Unreleased
Panama – “New Jersey Form” – Antimatter

Nixon’s Head – “Kids” – Take It!
Lewis & Clarke – “Sirens” – Bare Bones & Branches
The Car Music Project – “Crenabulations No. 1” – mp3
Zelda Pinwheel – “Lighthouse Sex Romp” – The Laundry Room
Rabble Rousers – “Phightadelphia” – Cdr

Birds Of Maya – “Ancient Witches Rise” – Vol. 1
The Escargo-gos – “Radio” – Si Vous Aimez L’amour Vous Aimerez…
Scott Bedford Four – “Hey There Girl” – Absolutely Allentown (C)

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