This Wednesday night! An interview with “Couldn’t You Wait” director Seth Pomeroy!

After a two week hiatus I’m back on 103.3 fm WPRB this Wednesday night and I’ve got a special program in store!

I’ll be interviewing director Seth Pomeroy about his documentary Couldn’t You Wait?: The Story Of Silkworm.

Nearly seven years in the making, Pomeroy’s tremendous film about one of America’s great rock bands (which includes interviews with Steve Albini, Jeff Tweedy, Stephen Malkmus and Gerard Cosloy among others) was released last month to universal acclaim.

In a nearly 80 minute conversation that will air for the first time this Wednesday evening at 8:00 pm ET, Pomeroy and I talk extensively about the development of this project, the obstacles encountered along the way and their mutual love of Silkworm’s impressive body of work.

Selections from the Silkworm catalogue are added throughout for good measure. I think you’re really going to enjoy it.

You can purchase a DRM-free download of Couldn’t You Wait? for just $5 but there are hours of impressive bonus features available at the $10 and $20 levels.

You can learn more on the film’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

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