Supplemental Reading.

Here’s this week’s links/videos/items of interest based on topics discussed during last night’s radio show.

The Rapeman album “Two Nuns & A Pack Mule” is 25 years old!

I hope to see you at the free show in New Brunswick on Saturday afternoon with Screaming Females, California X and more!

Are you prepared for Hanukkah and Thanksgiving to occur on the same date later this year? How the possibility of Rosh Hashana on July 4th down the line? Jewschool has the details. L’Shana Tova!

Download a song from the new Sidi Toure record! Something off the Matador debut for DARKSIDE too! Cap it all off with a Morc Records sampler!

Thanks to FDH and Damnably for the quality stacks of records they both recently donated to the WPRB library.

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