“Local Support” podcast episode 032

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Mega Mega – “Demo #3” – Humanoid  
The Funstigators – “Leave It To Beaver” – WPRB Studio Tapes 
My Dad Is A Dinosaur – “Saucy Sausages” – The Devil In The Playhouse
George Glikerdas – “Untitled” – S/R
Eltro – “Lady Of The Highway” – Past & Present Futurists

Narthex – “Clean Up” – The Flipped Side
Meg Baird – “The Cruelty Of Barbary Allen” – Dear Companion
King God – “End Of Faith” – Trail Mix Vol. 1 (C)
Han Soom – “A Tiger’s Meal” – Unfinished Demonstration 
Car Commercials – “Bungalo” – 7″

The Blow Goes – “My Baby Your Baby” – Get Outta Philly (C)
Marc Silver – “Stonethrowers” – Stonethrowers
Velvet Crayon – “Mind My Mellow” – S/T  
Zan Gardner – “Metaphoric Heartbreak” – Here’s My Heart
Stinking Lizaveta – “Day Of Dust” – Caught Between Worlds

Bladder Control – “Warning” – Electrocarnivorous

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