All-Listener-Selected All-Fall Show.

Ok. Here’s the plan.

Since Mark E. Smith and The Fall are so inexorably, inescapably tied to WPRB, I’d like to turn next week’s show over to the station’s listeners.

Please leave one Fall song in the comments (you’re also welcome to email a selection to me) and these suggestions will make up next Wednesday’s playlist in full.

Tracks about The Fall and covers also welcomed.

Jon Solomon
103.3 fm WPRB

Photo: Jane Hoeffner

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  1. HankT Says:

    haha so hard to pick just one Jon but I’m going with “My New House”

  2. Russ Smith Says:

    I was a fan the first time I heard New Face in Hell. I used to tape those all-fall decline and fall shows but I eventually got all the records. I saw all their appearances at City Gardens. One time I saw them at Revival in Philly and they were scheduled to go on at 3 AM and they were an hour late and started at 4AM. In another show at the Troc he was fighting with the band and I yelled something. he stopped the whole show and came over and wanted to fight me. He almost fell off the stage on top of me. Eventually the whole band left and he just did the show with his wife/keyboardist.

    I pick Kicker Conspiracy

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