"Local Support" podcast episode 055.

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Canine 10 – “Don’t Be Boring!” – Don’t Be Boring!
Numbers – “Junior Mornings” – Legion Of Boom (c)
Lapse Of Luxury – “Open Strings” – Cdr
Mincemeat Or Tenspeed – “Accident Prone” – All Critters
Strapping Fieldhands – “Slingshot Sounds” – The Third Kingdom

Pattern Is Movement – “Jenny Ono” – All Together
Creeping Weeds – “Down & Out” – S/T
Zelda Pinwheel – “A Corner” – Our Diamonds So Quiet
Little Ocean – “They’ll Be Pizza In The Valley” – 1243  
Boogie Witch – “Transfiguration Boogie” – S/T

Zonic Shockum – “Between The Sixes” – S/T
The Green Chair – “Water Lion Dub” – Compilation Blues! (c)
Dipsomaniacs – “Prince Harry” – Freakin Eureka
Falkonr – “Give” – Danger! Danger! (c) 
Joshua Marcus – “Part In It” – Reverse The Charges

The Roadside Graves – “West Coast” – No One Will Know Where You’ve Been

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