"Local Support" podcast episode 056.

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Windsor For The Derby – “Maladies” – How We Lost
Tickley Feather – “Buttshot” – S/T
The Capitol Years – “Long Time” – Dance Away The Terror
M. Ace – “Sea Serpent” – A Fretful Menagerie
Mose Giganticus – “Days Of Yore” – Commander!

Von Hayes – “Dirty Wise” – Evident Eyelid
Fursaxa – “Tyranny” – The Cult From Moon Mountain
Victor Victor Band – “Hillbilly” – Chatterbox
Aunt Dracula – “Statue Of Gordon” – Face Peel
Franklin – “Dreams About Falling” – Hoags! (c)

Motumbos Hospital – “Simple” – Sharks & Anglers
Deep River – “Untitled pt. 2” – Lyin’ In My Bed
Conservative Man – “I, Hikikomori” – Mirabel & The Hikikomori
Sw!ms – “Cauldron Of MOPES!” – Compilation Blues! (c)
Valsalva – “Shelter” – Legion Of Boom (c)

The Yarrows – “Lie Awake” – Cdr

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