"Local Support" podcast episode 059.

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Dr. Dog – “The Old Days” – Fate
Driver UFO – “Issac Newton” – This Is Harrisburg, Not Topeka (c)
Dave P. & Adam Sparkles – “Hoover’s Apprentice” – The Sound / The Music (c)
Pattern Is Movement – “Sound Of Your Voice (CYNE Remix)” – mp3
Bottom Of The Hudson – “December Is Only A Window” – Songs From The Barrel Commando

Sunshine Recorder – “Last One” – mp3
Jake Lefco – “Teeth Chatter” – Missing Trooth
Goodnight Stars Goodnight Air – “And Forever” – And Forever
Hoots & Hellmouth – “Home For Supper” – Cdr
Academy – “I Fought The Diabetes & I’m Up 3 To 1” – Hoags (c)

Duochrome – “Negotiating The Driveway” – Tactical Knives
Bitter Bitter Weeks – “Trouble” – S/T
The Cirque – “The Cricket” – Legion Of Boom vol. 1 (c)
Velvet Crayon – “The Ballad Of Nick Drake” – S/T
Love City – “The Other Side” – mp3

The World Blanket – “This Old West” – Pressing Issues

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