2018 Christmas Stories, part one.

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With 10 days to go until this year’s Xmas marathon, here’s the first half of the Christmas Stories recorded exclusively for the 2018 edition of my Holiday Radio Show on 103.3 fm WPRB.

Part two will appear on the 17th of December!

Please click on the links provided and support these musicians, artists and talented individuals who were so kind to tape remarkable original pieces for the show. Follow them on Twitter! Like them on Facebook! Instagram too! Buy their records and books! Support their events!

May these works inspire you to record something for this year.

There is still time!

The Brixton Riot – “100,000 Christmas Lights”

Combining American and English influences, New Jersey’s The Brixton Riot fuses elements of 70’s power-pop and punk, 80’s jangle-rock and 90’s indie rock into a sound that is both familiar and distinct. The Replacements, Big Star and The Jam represent only a small fraction of their influences. This is their fifth contribution to the marathon.

Brian & Kerry Kijewski“A Kijewski Cassette Christmas Story”

Brian and Kerry Kijewski are a brother and sister creative team from Ontario, Canada behind the podcast Ketchup On Pancakes along with other audio projects. Kerry has a blog where she shares her writing. Brian hosts a music radio show at the campus radio station in London and plays in the band Riker.

Sebastian Petsu – Zamboni Dust From the Sky (Gritty’s First Snow)”

The first of what ended up being five different Xmas tunes about Gritty in 2018 hailed from Philadelphia’s Sebastian Petsu.

50 Helens – “Christmas Creep Parade”

50 Helens are members of Korean JeansPetrillo and OUT. All proceeds from their second holiday record (which includes songs beyond what was played during the marathon) will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

Wowza In Kalamazoo – “Cheery Chapstick”

Wowza In Kalamazoo is a full-on collaboration amongst Zach Hench, Chafe Hensley, and Ike Turner. It began with some broken arrows lying around Ike’s 4-track (some for over a decade), and changed into something a lot more interesting than that. 

Deeply inspired by Yo La Tengo’s “Cherry Chapstick.”

Ike Turner: guitars, vocals 
Zach Hench: bass, xmas cheer 
Franki Hand: guitars, vocals 
Mark Walters: drums 
Sarah Beauchamp: vocals 

recording: Garth Mason 
mix: Zach Hench 

Deth Elf – “Silent Night, Gritty Night”

Did someone say songs about Gritty?

The duo Deth Elf are the pride of Lansdale, Pennsylvania.

B. Musikoff – “Penny, I Need The Key”

“Its Christmas time in that department store, ya know, and oh geez, wouldn’t ya know they’re goin’ at it again over the store PA.”

From the mind of Brian Musikoff, host of “MusicOn with Musikoff.”

The ‘Mexicans – “It’s Almost Day”

Returning welcomely for another marathon, The ‘Mericans are a Rhode Island band founded in 2001 by singer / guitarist Chris Daltry (Purple Ivy Shadows).

David Nagler – “Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence”

David Nagler is a Brooklyn-based musician, singer, and songwriter. His latest records are The Appointees: 11 songs informed and provoked by Trump cabinet appointees, and Carl Sandburg’s Chicago Poems: anorchestral folk song cycle featuring Jeff Tweedy, Robbie Fulks, Kelly Hogan, and others. Nagler performs regularly with artists including Jon Langford, Wesley Stace, Mark Eitzel, and Eszter Balint, and he is the founder and frontperson for NY metropolitan area pop group Nova Social.

This is his rendition of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s theme for the 1983 film of the same name.

Edith Frost – “Katamari Christmas Level”

Edith Frost can be found on her website and/or Twitter.

This is her sixth contribution to the marathon in as many years. Wow.

“A holiday homage to my favorite videogame franchise of all time, Katamari Damacy!”

Jason Sims – “Happy Christmas, Dr. Rachel Spivy”

Jason Sims is a writer/performer from Huntsville, AL and the host of ConverJasons.

Connor Ratliff & Mikey Erg – “The XMAS Favor”

Comedian Connor Ratliff & Singer/Songwriter Mikey Erg teamed up to write a batch of secular Xmas songs as a soundtrack for a Holiday Special called “The Spirit Of Ratliff.” This entire ragged but right collection of songs was written and recorded in a matter of hours on a single Saturday in October 2015.

Available as a limited edition vinyl release courtesy State Champion, but this song is actually a non-LP bonus recorded for the Xmas show.

Deth Elf – “Elf Strike”

The second DxEx contribution of the season is a quality anthem indeed.

Aerialist – “Santa’s Sleighing”

Lary Hoffman began making music as Aerialist in 1997. Over the years the project morphed from bedroom electronic pop to synth-rock collaborations with drummers Stevie Treichel & Nikhil Ranade, to both analog and computer-based solo instrumental productions. After a long hiatus, Lary has been steadily digitally self-releasing new Aerialist music since the fall of 2015. 

To the tune of Slayer’s “South of Heaven.”

The Cherry Hill Christmas Tree Shops Mix – “Merry Fizzmas Baby Thank God for CO2”

The work of Roseanne Carrara and Blaise Moritz, with all lyrics taken from things I’d written on-line about seltzer it seems. Incredible.

SAVAK – “All I Want For Chrizzzmas is Three Z’s

SAVAK was formed in 2015 by members of The Obits, Holy Fuck, Nation of Ulysses, and The Cops. They keep outdoing themselves with marathon contributions. The EP “MIRROR MAKER” is a limited edition Ernest Jenning 12″ release.

We didn’t try to cover and/or ruin any classics this time around. We wrote a rap* and tracked it, but this figgy pudding of ours was neither dense nor moist enough, so… instead we decided to celebrate each hour that Jon will be on the radio this year. In alphabetical order. 

And with something this ridiculous, there’s only one thing to do: bring in a hype man. Which begets a second thing to do: get the hype man to hype again. Hut! Hut! Hype!! 

Hopefully this tune captures the feeling of being in a cab late at night, heading home after a holiday party. Things get a little woozy as you cross the bridge, but before you know it you’ll be snoring in the backseat! 

All the zzz’s to you and yours… 

*Maybe we’ll expectorate these 16 bars at some future point: 

Dred beat and Bloodloss 
Let’s lubricate the goats 
It’s time to make a toast 
To the Fishwives, the Tanners 
The first and last time callers 
Everyone’s a baller 
Batting a bee thousand 
2001: A Space Odyssey 
The Iliad, the Trojan War in Jamaica 
Between sound systems 
I put my money on Duke 
Reid, not basketball 
Organized sports, flesh condensed 
It’s hard to cheer in the present tense

Hour 1 is for everything in Flux like Aeon 
Hour 2 is for High Voltage like Scott, Bon 
Hour 3 is for soul, disco, Funk Shun like Con 
Hour 4 is for the Draper, Fleming, Giovanni and Teflon Dons 
Hour 5 is for geological time, yes Eon 
Hour 6 is for the hungry kids in the Hall like Fawn 
Hour 7 is for the love that is Gone Daddy Gone 
Hour 8 is for friends of the Wookies like Han 
Hour 9 is for special atoms and molecules, yes Ions 
Hour 10 is for the host Solomon Jon 
Hour 11 is for “Space Seed” Montalban pre-Wrath of Khan 
Hour 12 is for GET OFF MY LAWN 
Hour 13 is for my Mom 
Hour 14 is for Pagan Muzak-era NON 
Hour 15 is Which Side Are You On? 
Hour 16 is the side you pass the dutchie Pon 
Hour 17 is for dum dum mechanics tum tum Quan 
Hour 18 is for The Crystals version of “Da Doo Ron Ron” 
Hour 19 is for the Death Letter from the House of Son 
Hour 20 is for Miuzi Weighs A Ton 
Hour 21 is for Newcastle, Nottingham & Nairobi schools UoN 
Hour 22 is for Doyle’s friend from Lodi, Eerie Von 
Hour 23 is for Jedi Master, Kenobi Obi-Wan 
Hour 24 is for the data flow protocol XON 
Hour 25 is for searching hither and Yon 
Hour 26 is for Skweezy Jibbs getting called a Zon 
Hour 27 is for what? 
Hour 28 is for what?! 
Hour 29 is for what?!? 
Hour 30!!!

Mint Mile – “Christmas Comes & Goes”

The Mint Mile double record “Ambertron” will be released in March 2020.

This song is on it. 

Jon & Maggie on WPRB (2018)

Finally, here’s the annual mic break my daughter and I shared towards the end of the 2018 marathon! – JS

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