"Local Support" podcast episode 062.

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Icy Demons – “Jantar Mantar” – Miami Ice
Lillie Ruth Bussey – “Heart You Protect” – Truthful Little Ditties
The Sweetheart Parade – “Backyard” – Sings Like A Priest
Unknown Mystery 60’s Group – “How Long Will You Wait?” – Volume III – Love Songs
Mikingmihrab – “Breaking News” – Breaking News 7″

Gildon Works – “Arcanum Ghost” – Actual Rifle
Joyce Bennett – “New Boy” – Philly Soul Girls (c)
Gemini Wolf – “Formation” – 7″
Anders Manly – “Alexander Tan” – mp3
Bear Is Driving – “All The Truth, None The Answer” – The Adventures Of

Lemons Are Louder Than Rocks – “Good Idea” – Gallop & Other Distorted Love Songs
Adam & Dave’s Bloodline – “Missing Person” – New Age Boredom
Charles Cohen – “I’ll Let The Committee Name It” – Technicolor Hell (c)
Scout – “Dark/Green/Endless” – They Sent All My Friends To Prison
The Donuts – “Cylinder Life” – 5.4.5

Lettuce Prey – “Indebted To Borrowed Time” – Dr. Moom’s Lesser Piebald Blitherskate
Crop Circle – “Mod Cowboy” – This Is Harrisburg, Not Topeka (c)
Chris Bozzone – “At The Ebb Of The Tide” – Horizons Of Death

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