"Local Support" podcast episode 063.

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Mtn. High – “Downhill Champion” – Split single with Loving Thunder
Fred Martin – “I Want Another Chance” – The Best Of Melron Records (c)
Sola – “The Bottom” – The Bottom
And The Moneynotes – “A Pirate‚Äôs Confession Part III” – New Cornucopia!
Busses – “Socialist” – Demo

Gang – “Earthquake It” – Cdr
Ponieheart – “Much To Lose” – Unreleased New Tracks
Astral Archetype – “Synge” -Deconstructing A Coincidence
Andrew Keller – “Chocolate” – Baby Bird
The Silence Kit – “A New Disappointment” – A Strange Labor

Persona – “Track 2” – Cdr
Newton – “Ode To My Bloody Philadelphia Heart” – Technicolor Hell (c)
Prophecies Of War – “War” – S/T
The Emotron – “The Bethune Theory” – The Decemberwrist
Aderbat – “Get Out” – Rabbits & Rocks

Jukebox Zeros – “Static, Static” – Stunk

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