The public call for 2017 Christmas Stories!

You know what time it is!

Halloween is over.

November has begun.

It is time to start planning for the 25-Hour Holiday Radio Show in earnest!

Each of the last six years I have asked a number of friends, musicians, comedians and others that I admired to record their definition of an original “Christmas story” to be interspersed throughout my Christmas marathon on 103.3 fm WPRB.

These requests have developed into a wonderful new tradition that has filled this holiday excursion with added energy.

Come December 24, 2017 – the 29th (?!) annual edition of this marathon program will begin.

In 2011-2016, Mac McCaughan (Superchunk), wrestler/author Mick Foley, Glenn Mercer (The Feelies), Tom Scharpling (“The Best Show”), director Lance Bangs, Screaming Females, Pete & Alex from Star Wars MinuteChris Brokaw, Jennifer O’Connor, Peter Prescott (Mission of Burma/Volcano Suns/Minibeast), Rick Rizzo (Eleventh Dream Day), David Hill (“Snap Judgement”, “This American Life”), Sadie Dupuis (Speedy Ortiz), Jon Daly (“Kroll Show”), Nick Thorburn (Islands), Doug Gillard, Rebecca Clay Cole (Wild Flag), Bill Goffrier (The Embarrassment/Big Dipper), Joel R.L. Phelps (Silkworm/The Downer Trio), Mark Robinson (Unrest/Flin Flon/Air Miami), Brett Davis (“The Special Without”), Seth Herzog (“The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”), Boston Red Sox organist Josh Kantor, actor Ethan Sandler, Matthew Reid-Schwartz (Kinski), Pat Byrne (“Prove It All Night”), Edith FrostThe Rutabega, SAVAK, Amanda X, The Gotobeds, “Financial Guru” Gregg Gethard, David Nagler, Fond Han, Franklin Bruno and many other remarkable folks have recorded pieces for the marathon.

2016’s stories will be posted over the next few weeks leading up to Christmas Eve.

2015’s stories are posted here (part one) and here (part two).

2014’s stories have been posted here (part one) and here (part two).

2013’s recordings can be heard here. 2012 stories can be streamed here and 2011 contributions reside here.

The time has come to build on all of this!

I’m not only going to be reaching out to more folks directly to join the ranks with works for the marathon’s 2017 installment but I also wanted to extend the offer TO YOU.

Record something between now and December 21st and there’s a solid chance it will make it into the show. It can be a reading of a favorite Xmas story, a cover of a holiday song you love or an original piece. I leave that in your hands.

Listen to some of the past works as inspiration if you’ve been stumped when I’ve called on you in prior years.

It would be great if these contributions did not exceed seven minutes but if you run long…I am likely going to allow it. Let’s be honest – some of my favorite pieces have gone well over that length.

I’d love to get so many recordings that I can yet again debut one of these an hour throughout the marathon.

Submissions can be sent to this email address.

My lone request is that you do not post your piece elsewhere before it airs during the show! Afterwards knock yourself out, just mention the show when you do share on Bandcamp/Soundcloud/Et cetera, OK?

Please spread the word and have a happy holiday season.

The stretch run to the marathon begins…now!


Jon Solomon
103.3 fm WPRB

Ps. Songs inspired by The Fall, The Ramones and/or The Misfits will always get priority status!

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